Текст песни: Never Been Told (Machine Gun Kelly )

I started hangin' with my older cousin
Now my family callin' me a thug
But he the one that show me love
So he the one that get my trust
Yeah, he the one that slangin' drugs
Even I don't really give a fuck
I think he just misunderstood
That nigga really from the mud
I'm tryna take him from the hood
See, I'm tryna take him from the hood
I'm tryna give my niggas dots
You in my way and I'm surprised
I drop up them pot
Drop buyers been lie
Drop top feels right
Since a boy I been stylin'
Every time I get to ballin'
My mama always get to bawling
She says she think I got a problem
She think that I'ma workaholic
Or what ever you wanna call it
I just be livin' in the moment
It costs a lot for Decarnes
But I can't cop 'em in my coffin
I swear I do it way too often
I run it up and run amuck
You can't defeat the one on one
Especially not one on one
Mic strike like lightning
Bright night white lighting
Niggas really like biting
Niggas really Mike Tyson
[Machine Gun Kelly]
Aye, started blazin' rolling papers
Gettin' faded way before I was shavin'
That must have been 7th grade then
Way back in aunties basement
Way back when I was anxious
Way back catching cases
Legal fees got me workin' hard tryna pay back daddy's savings
Why they tell me be patient
Why they tell me be gracious
Why don't they acknowledge I did all this by myself I ain't need favors
God damn I be gettin' high
Doesn't mean I'm getting lazy
Teachers teaching 'bout Reagan
I'm tryna be Jay-ZOnly presidents in my residence all got green faces
I don't put em in the banks neither
Bet it all on races
Spades game throwing Aces
Crib lookin' like Vegas
Cleveland in my blood bitch
That shit ain't changin'
Ipad, new playlist
I'm that new favorite
Eyes red like Satans
Roll white like angels
I'm suited up like Frank was
Sam Cooke, Sam Davis
Now I'm tryna be the greatest
That's a motherfuckin' statement
Limitations only for the fakers
I can do whatever like a matrix18 with a baby on the way2 years later, major labels
Dappin' Kobe like he know me
Feet on the wood sittin' at the Staples
Face on the big screen
Rooting for my home team
All that sleepin' on me
And you still ain't chasin' no dreams
And you crazy everybody tryna milk me still ain't gettin' no cream
I only do my own thing
I only want the whole thing
My flow is like a morphine
I only want the morphines
I'm headed from the bottom to the top and I ain't stoppin'
No, that is not a option
Niggas livin' like it's Gotham
These niggas robbin' gotta watch 'em
Sick and tired of living out of fear
So they gon' hate me when I'm outta here
They wonder how I do it all without a deal man
That's just how it is for real

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Исполнитель: Machine Gun Kelly

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