Текст песни: The Sea Queen of Connaught (Cruachan )

I tell a tale of a pirate queen,
Grace O'
Malley was her name.
Through her deeds and actions on the seas,
She found fortune, respect and fame.
Born to a seafaring family and educated well,
Salt water in her veins, at sea she would raise hell!
She preyed on trading ships, that entered her domain,
And before the Nine Years war, became a British bane!
When she was but a child, she cut off all her hair,
In defiance of her father who brought her to despair!"
You cannot sail my ships with hair that is so long.""
But, father, can't you see? All my hair is gone."
She prospered as a Pirate-Queen,
Patrolling our Atlantic coast.
She recruited fighting men—
From Scotland and Ireland, a true pirate host.
Targeting traders, and merchant men,
She boarded their ships and demanded her toll,
Those who resisted or tried to fight back,
Tasted her steel or were held in her thrall.
When tribute was paid they were free to go,
Their safe passage was guaranteed.
The pirate horde would flee to the shore,
Disappearing in coves, her fleet would recede.
Attacks were not limited to the sea,
Grace would strike castles on the shore.
Loughlin, O'
Boyle and Mac
Sweeney clans,
Fell victim to Grace and her pirate war.
Her career began and prospered at the peak of Gaelic rule,
A loving mother and wife yet a Pirate Queen so cruel!
Called to meet with England's Queen, she conducted herself well,
They spoke in Latin, reached an accord then they bade farewell.
On her return, Grace did learn, that the meeting was in vain
Her demands were never met, muсh to her disdain!
Gaelic rule was in decline but Grace remained defiant,
She assisted in rebellions; she would never be compliant—
And always fought off raids that came close to her lands,
She fought a band from Galway, killing their leader with her hands.
She died a natural death in the same year as England's Queen,
Saxon rule increased, of this Grace had foreseen.
The Nine Years war was won, English rule was complete,
But Grace—she will live on, she never knew defeat!

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Исполнитель: Cruachan

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