Домой Тексты песен Majesty And Silence

Majesty And Silence


Guidance of the light
The paths dark enough to make the skin crawl
Parched into eternity
In this moment
Promises to the last you know
For ever never forever
Inclined to be
Kindred spirit
Like a holiest of ghosts
Not of the past
Nor the forthcoming
Here it be here it be
Siren and the warrior
Both are after the one
So be the known one
Seems like
Thousands a sun
Not last
Or the first one
See you out there
Speeding inside of a disaster
Where truth holds a place
For a chosen like
Maze as a circle
As a point
As of here
There is no return
There is thick diamondy solitude
A testimony to a time well spent
Out into night
Bright as dayight
Order loves chaos
Laws to be ordered


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