Текст песни: Under your spell (The Birthday Massacre )

You’re a story that I hoped I’d never have to tell
You’re a lesson that I wish I’d never learned so well
After all my years
of giving up and letting go
All I wanted was to give you what you’ve never known

I know now
You can only hurt me
cause I let you get to know me so well
I know now
I love you
cause only you can turn my heaven to hell

I know now
I want out from under your spell
Under your spell
I’m under your spell
Under your spell
I’m under your spell

You’re the promise that degraded every hope and dream
You’re the whisper at the end of every hopeless scream
After all the years of turning love to empty rage
All you wanted was for me
to help you turn the page

I know now
I didn’t see the bruises
that I should’ve seen the first time I fell
I know now
No one will listen to the story
that I have to tell

I only loved you
cause I knew
you’d never treat me so well

I know now
I loved you because through you
I’ve become somebody else

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Исполнитель: The Birthday Massacre

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