Домой Тексты песен The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly


Yeah, you can keep askin’ them fuckin’ questions all fucking day, man!
Told you that, I told you the fuck happened, man,
Told your partner the same thing, man, how long a nigga gotta stay here?
[Verse 1:]
There was money on the table with the bricks,
I was in the living room feelin’ on this bitch,
Heard my car alarm goin’ off on my 6,
So my dogs start barkin’ and some niggas hit the fence,
So I take my dick out this bitch mouth and walked to the window,
Pull the blinds down and took one hit of the indo,
You niggas ain’t doin’ shit, but stealin’ my neighbors rims so
Walked back to the couch and told the bitch to bend over,
That’s what I’m rollin’ with…
Nah, I ain’t sayin’ shit and I ain’t snitchin’ on nobody,
Yeah, that’s my four-five, but it ain’t got no bodies.
And two dead niggas? Them is nobody,
They shoulda torched ’em, then you wouldn’t had no bodies,
I mean, look at these pictures, just so sloppy,
Couldn’t have been me, I do my shit like John Gotti –
Feed the nigga to the sharks after dark,
Man, fuck this shit I thought I told y’all!
[Verse 2:]
There was money on the table by the bricks,
I was at the kitchen table choppin’ up some shit
Listenin’ to Jeezy and I heard a little bang,
So I turned the radio down and cocked my four-fif’.
Oh shit… Am I hit? Nah, just a hole in my Jordan fitted,
So I turn down all the lights and cock my four-fif’,
Seen some niggas jump in they Escalade, and that was it.
How much longer I gotta stay in this mothafucka? Let me get a cigarette,
I don’t even smoke but, shit, y’all got a nigga stressed!
I gotta stay in this mothafucka ’til I confess?
Shit, y’all bitches better get some rest,‘
Cause it’ll be a cold day in Miami’Fore I snitch on myself or the hood, you understand me?
Yeah, I fuck with the Bulls but I ain’t Sammy,
Niggas run around the hood singin’, they should get a Grammy,
And you two mothafuckas should get an Oscar
With this good-cop-bad-cop shit, take me to process‘
Cause I don’t eat breakfast with no pigs,
I watched First 48 so fuck your 25 years!
No evidence, no bid,
I don’t know who split them niggas’ wigs.
Already told y’all, there was money on the table with the bricks,
I was walkin’ to the bathroom to take a shit,
Then I heard my dogs barkin’, there’s some noise by the fence
So I ran to my room and reached for the four-fif’,
Then I seen three niggas by my back door,
Looked out the bathroom window and seen two more,
So I reached for my chopper and some clips out the drawer,
Guess I had to welcome niggas to the gun store.


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