Текст песни: Expectations (Three Days Grace )

Baby, innocent, one day gonna be decadent
Prom queen, Miss America, in the back seat in a pair of cuffs
Sixteen, little runaway, running from the five-0, and got away
From the small town with no scene,
Looking for a shot on the big screen

Expectations go to hell [x2]

Not so innocent on the on the streets hustling
Never be Miss America in the back seat of a Celica
Crashing with a deadbeat, livin’ large on a love seat
In a small town, no scene,
Turns out it was nothing but a pipe dream

Expectations go to hell [x2]

Rich girl wannabe, bought a quick pick for the lottery
Watching TV with her boyfriend, fell asleep,
Left the ticket on the nightstand
He stayed awake to see the ball drop,
Turned it way down, she never woke up
Grabbed the keys to her car in the back lot,
Threw a shot of Jack back
Left with the jackpot

Expectations go to hell
Prom Queen Miss America
In the back seat in a pair of cuffs
Expectations go to hell
Never be Miss America
In the back seat in a pair of cuffs

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Исполнитель: Three Days Grace

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