Текст песни: When we dance (Sting )

If he loved you
Like I love you
I would walk away in shame
I’d move town
I’d change my name

When he watches you
When he counts to buy your soul
On your hands his golden rings
Like he owns a bird that sings
When we dance
Angels will run
and hide their wings

The priest has said
My soul’s salvation
Is in the balans of the angels
And underneath the wheels of passion
I keep the faith in my fashion
When we dance
angels will run
and hide their wings

I’m still in love with you

I’m gonna find a place to live
Give you all I’ve got to give

If I could break down these walls
And shout my name at heaven’s gate
I’d take these hands
And I’d destroy the dark machineries of fate
Cathedrals are broken
Heaven’s no longer above
And hellfire’s a promise away
I’d still be sayning
I’m still in love

He won’t love you
Like I love you
He won’t care for you this way
He’ll mistreat you if you stay

Come and live with me
We’ll have children of our own
I would love you more than life
If you’ll come and be my wife

When we dance
Angels will run
and hide their wings

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Исполнитель: Sting

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