Текст песни: I Love To Love (Nina Simone )

Baker, Hayton

I love to love
Wnat plenty of love each night
Say I love to love it’s so good it can’t be right

I don’t want a man with Harvard of Yale degrees
Because I don’t intend to play information please
Just squeeze me or baby you gonna freeze me
You’ve got to Romeo me make feel like I’m SalomЁЁ

Don’t want a man to sit there and talk too much
I just need a guy with a Frank Sinatra touch
Cos I’m tired of all the times I felt
Like a piece of butter about to melt
I wanna press your lips against mine
I wanna feel lightning tickle my spine
I want what there can never to be too much of
Yes I love to love

Just squeeze me or baby you gonna freeze me
When the iron is hot strike it
Hold me I like it I like it

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Исполнитель: Nina Simone

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