Текст песни: Obeah Woman (Nina Simone )

Tony Mc

Exuma … You hear
We gotta take our time
Gettin’ this one started
Hey mamma soul mamma soul papa
Hey soul body soul body soul body
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey yah gonna take my time
Gettin’ this one togheter
Gonna take my time
Gettin’ this one togheter
Gotta go home now
Gotta go home yea
You know about the holy roller church?
Ain’t that were it started?
Ha Ha I know
We’ve outgrown it now
And I cry that I think that I can’t do
I like money yah
I like fine clothes
I like all of it
But I know where my roots are
You hear me

Sometimes my daughter says
Mamma I don’t understand them people»;
I don’t either, but I’m fond of ’em
And I like it
Say hey hey
Need your help, hey hey
Cool down now, hey hey

Obeah woman
Yes, I’m the Obeah woman
Do you know what one is?
Ha do you know what an Obeah woman is?
I’m the Obeah woman from beneath the sea
To get to satan you gotta pass through me’Cause I know the angels name by name
I can eat thunder and drink the rain
Been through enough
Yeah they call me Nita and Pices too
There ain’t nothing that I can’t do
If I choose to, if you let me

Ha I’m the Obeah woman, above pain
I can eat thunder and drink the rain
I kiss the moon and hug the sun
And call the spirits and make ’em run
You hear me?
You hear me?’Cause I ain’t praying, never was

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Исполнитель: Nina Simone

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