Текст песни: L.
L. (ВИА Гра )

I don’t even try
Live on my own without your loving,
Sexy toxic beauty
Can’t obediently face
My bitter destiny.
You are everywhere
In every face, in every shadow
Hidden in the darkness…
Here, deep in my heart,
Pulsing your tenderness.

Don’t let go, don’t leave my life
You have captured world of my desire;
Cross my heart no farewell,
Lucky my lunacy, LML

Take my hand, give me your smile,
Sun reflection in your diamond eyes…
Hold me tight, my singing bell,
Lucky my lunacy, LML

Do what should be done
Fly to the ocean, dressed in twilight,
Follow your emotions…
Just try to believe
In wings of your cherished love…

Be my only one,
Stay with me like a lovely magic,
Like a breath of fire.
Be what you should be
Only for me, FOR US!!!

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L." принадлежат её авторам.
Исполнитель: ВИА Гра

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