Текст песни: I Get So Scared (Miley Cyrus )

[Verse 1]
They say love grows, but I’ve only seen it die
I’m too young to feel like I’m runnin’ out of time

[Chorus 1]
I get so scared
Thinkin’ I’ll never get over you
I’ll always be making a compromise
No matter what I do, ooh
And maybe I’ll never get over you

[Verse 2]
I’ve heard no one controls what happens in our lives
The universe gets to decide, our future is written up here in the sky

[Chorus 2]
And I get so scared
Thinkin’ I’ll never get over you
Everything I’ve imagined
And none of our plans coming true

I met someone new and now I’m scared to go all the way
I hear you in my mind and can’t let go of what you used to say
I’m freakin’, it’s repeating’ when you said there’ll never be a day
When letting go feels like before, tonight we’re tryin’ anyway

[Chorus 3]
And I get so scared
Thinkin’ they’ll all be just like you
All the ways that you hurt me
And all of the shit you put me through

But, baby
I’m only just like you
Or maybe, I’ll never come close to you
So maybe, I’ll never get over you

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Исполнитель: Miley Cyrus

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