Текст песни: Brother, Can You Hear Me (Dream Theater )

Brother, can you hear me?
Your life is in my hands
I will not surrender, never yield to his demands
If we stand together, we will never fall
Brother, we're the answer to your call
Brother, can you hear me?
You must not be afraid
I will march beside you
Have no fear
Be strong
Be brave
We sing this song for freedom
Our voices will resound
Brother, we will never let you down
On the road to revolution
We're bound to make mistakes
There's a price that we must pay
For every choice we make
Freedom is the reason
To stand up or give in
But someone has to lose
And someone has to win
Brother, can you hear me?
I am not afraid
I will not forsake you
I'll be strong and I'll be brave
I sing the song for freedom
My courage knows no bounds
Brother, know I stand on solid ground
Brother, I will never let you down
Never let you down

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Исполнитель: Dream Theater

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