Текст песни: 30 Hours (Kanye West )

Baby, light goes
Where the eyelids go.
[Verse 1:]
You say you never saw this comin', well, you're not alone,
Million dollar renovations to a happy home,
My ex says she gave me the best years of her life,
I saw a recent picture of her, I guess she was right.
I wake up, assessin' the damages,
Checkin' Media
Out –
Pictures of me drunk walkin' out with a bitch,
But it's blurry enough to get the fake out.
I wake up, all veggies no eggs,
I hit the gym, all chest no legs,
Yep, then I made myself a smoothie,
Yeah, then me and wifey make a movie.
Chicago – St. Louis, St. Louis to Chicago,Ándale, ándale, E.
I., E.
I., oh, oh!
You had me drivin' far enough to switch the time zone,
You was the best of all time at the time, though,
Yeah, you wasn't mine, though.
But I still drove 30 hours,
But still drove 30 hours to you.
[Verse 2:]
I remember rappin' for Jay and Cam,
Young producer just tryna get his flows off,
I remember bein' nervous to do Victoria Secret
Till I pictured everybody with they clothes off.
Expedition was Eddie Bauer edition,
I'm drivin' with no winter tires in December –
Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, like a private school for women.
Then I get there, and all the Popeye's is finished, girl,
You don't love me, you just pretendin',
I need that happy beginning, middle and ending.
Chicago – St. Louis, St. Louis to Chicago,
It's gettin' hot in here, that's all that I know.
Got a hotel room, 3 stars for you,
You call down for an omelet.
Girl, it's 5 in the morning!
You realize we at the Double
Tree, not the Aria,
Only thing open is Waffle House, girl, don't start with me.
I used the Western Union for you, like it's no prob,‘
Cause you was in college complainin' about it's no jobs,
But you were suckin' a nigga's dick the whole time,
Well, I guess a blowjob's better than no job.
And I drove back 30 hours.
Were remains that long to lose sad?
Better unsaid,
Always turn, oh!
Baby, light goes
Where the eyelids go.
Baby, light goes
Where the eyelids…

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Исполнитель: Kanye West

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