Текст песни: Before Time Began (Deep Purple )

The daylight fades and the stars come out,
But there’s never much to talk about,
Another day goes rushing by, and here we are just wondering why
We have to belong with a sense of purpose,
That’s all we need, without them we’re worthless.
Ah, we’ve come so far, hmm, but then again
All we see is more of the same,
It’s getting crowded here, we agree, no doubt,
Oh, dear brother, what’s it all about?
Hey, you over there, why don’t you throw down your spear?
We all need some help right now,
Where are we going from here?
The way things are working out,
It won’t be too long before we have to move,
Better start thinking about it while there’s still time to choose.
Every day of my life I discover
Someone murdering my sisters and brothers
In the name of some god or another,
What do you know?
For the first precious few, it’s time to go,
What might have been, we’ll never know,
All those bad ideas became the law,
Oh yes, we’ve forgotten what we’re looking for.
All of you angels, it’s time to gather your wings,
Leave it all behind, you won’t need any of those things,
We’re going on through the darkness hand in hand
To step into the future
Before time began.
And for those who remain with your chosen gods,
May your prayers be answered.

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Исполнитель: Deep Purple

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