Текст песни: Ducktail Jiver (Elton John )

Loose-lipped, keeps hip, rolling on his whitewall tires Burning out his diesel now, looking like a forest fire Ducktail jiver, common pearl diver Let you have a piece real cheap Those Sunday sermons got us all learning How to look before the lion leaps Oh I’d be Santa Clause and something more Than a honeymoon in San Moritz Ducktail jiver, nine to fiver I’d like to buy a piece that fits Overloaded, railroaded
On the border of a Spanish town Adios amigos, me got to go, boss Before they cut the poor boy down So I’d like to buy a drink for someone A pitcher and a glass My circuit’s run down, my fuse is blown My childhood came at last Sun-soaked, rain-choked I need to get these batteries charged Miles behind my parents’ time Living in the world’s back yard

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Исполнитель: Elton John

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