Текст песни: Candlelit Bedroom (Elton John )

The sound of one heart breaking, the sound of someone waking
To the cold hard truth before the sun goes down
If I could ever capture a little bit of that
I'd wrap it up and bury it in the deep dark ground
For the lost soul on the ledge with one last chance to bet
To the deepest root of the oldest tree
If we could only bottle a little bit of rain Wrung out from the history in its ancient leaves
All you need is a candlelit bedroom
All you ever wanted was a state of grace
Every waking moment you believe that
Love will always lead you to a better place The never-ending stories of the victor and the spoils
The treasure and the lesson to be learned
If I could ever wrap up a little piece of this
I'd strike a match and watch the contents burn
Love will always lead to a candlelit bedroom
Only if you want it bad enough
Every waking moment you believe that
We must have a little faith in the light of love

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Исполнитель: Elton John

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