Текст песни: To Da Top (Kid Cudi )

[Verse 1:]
If I go back to Cleveland with nada
I’mma have one disappointed mama, no!
I’mma have one disappointed fam, I’mma feel bad
That I can’t provide for my fam
I can’t help how my mom process
Mr. Hutch told a nigga «young, learn to be the best»
And if I can’t do that mayne, what the fuck I’m living for?
I got a pack of Newports and a super-bad whore
I step out and I drink a lot of Hennessey
Battle in my sleep with the demons tryna ruin me
A bunch of discouraging words, saying that fame wasn’t meant for me
Take it back to Cleveland, you heard?
I can’t stop them from speaking
Their visions all intense, got me laid out leaking
Y’all don’t know the half, Kid Cudi got issues mentally
That I scribble down fast, like
I won’t go, I can’t go
I won’t fold dogg, I can’t fold
Is what I say to myself over and over
Cruising through the city in my black Range Rover
Whispering, I heard them talking now
Now that I’m ballin
Thought I forgot how
Tryna take me off my grind
Yup, yup, they tryna take me off my grind
Well it’s my time, boy
We going straight to the top
Watch me live, my nigga
[Verse 2:]
When you making moves, everybody pounding you
But when you down and out, niggas won’t acknowledge you
Sick to the stomach when I think about losing, but
I like this music, so this the life that I’m choosing..
I had to find out who the real scout was
Meditated with the wolves, all focused to get my hunger back
So alone, just me and an instrumental
They say my music ain’t normal
Must be something up with my mental
I don’t spit about guns and drugs
I don’t know about guns and drugs
I spit what I know, and you should too!
But you won’t, we all know, you wanna jock the next dude
And you follow the next man
I was born to be a leader so you know that I’mma follow my heart fam
And I’mma roll with what my nigga Manny said»
Keep your individual, that’s what’s gonna get you..»
[Verse 3:]
I ain’t tryna make hits for the club no more
I’m just tryna make hits for my niggas at war
Day to day in the White Man’s World
Getting head from the white man’s girl, that’s me
When I’m stressed
Having dreams of a dark-skinned chick with big breasts
I’m thinking of steps to be king, just like in chess
Kid Cudi won’t rest, that’s when I’m at my best
Flow’s good ? I see the rest mayne
I lot of cats tryna make it happen through the music
Truest thing ? is not everyone can do this
Gotta spit different from another nigga living
If I ain’t, I’m slippin
And I’m never getting up
With that in your head, dogg, I’m never giving up
Looking up at the ceiling, chillin at my wake
These lames gotta hate, see the lyrical wizardry
Airing out my dirty laundry for these niggas that ?

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Исполнитель: Kid Cudi

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