Домой Тексты песен Hello Hello*

Hello Hello*


[Elton John:]
Feet are feeling light
Head on out to see the sights
Ain’t life a many splendored thing?
[Lady Gaga:]
Ducking up and down
All these crazy sights and sounds
Bounce around like puppets on a string
Never going to find
Anything to change my mind
Famous last lines of a fool
[Elton John:]
Just when you think
You’re a chain with just one link
Something comes to tip you off your stool
[Elton John & Lady Gaga:]
Hello Hello
My, my, my what have we here?
What a surprise
What a surprise
Hello Hello
I’m not alone
It’s good to know
Someone’s out there to say hello
[Elton John:]
Do a dizzy dance
Twirl around and take a chance
Nothing’s easy, nothing comes for free
[Lady Gaga:]
Sniffing on a flower
Running through an autumn shower
Bumping into someone else like me
[Elton John & Lady Gaga:]
And I could fly on the back of a bird
I could shake all the leaves from a tree
If there’s a quest I’m a knight
Where there’s wrong I’ll do right
Two’s better than the one I used to be* – OST Gnomeo and Juliet (2011) (саундтрек к мультфильму «Гномео и Джульетта»)


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