Текст песни: The Real Thing (Smash!! )

Chorus: Love and tenderness The touch of your caress Don’t want no second best Gotta be the real thing Need a little more Gotta know for sure You’re the one that I adore Gotta be the real thing It’s got to be the real thing There’s a thousand ways To say I love you girl And it’s crystal clear That I do Get a thousand days Of my love to you I wanna know for sure That you love me too Let’s go back to The time when love was new Won’t ask for much Sometimes the love you give is not Enough I need your…
Chorus. I don’t mean to sound Like I’m pushing you around But I’m trying to explain What I feel inside I don’t wanna waste All the love I feel for you I would be lost if I lost you Baby let’s try To make it work this time that hard Just take a look inside your heart I need your… Chorus. I wanna wake up with you Next to me each day Don’t wanna lose the love we have Baby no way ‘Cause I think I found What I’ve been searching for But you gotta show me more Oh you know I need it baby It’s got to be the real thing Chorus.

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Исполнитель: Smash!!

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