Текст песни: Christiansands (Tricky )

Tricky’s voice

Martine’s voice

my defences

become fences

i’m stumbling

i change my face
and you think i’m fake-up
wait around till i take off my makeup
here we go again
i need another one
her name is
she looks through me
says i’m the only one

i met a christian in christiansands, a devil in helsinki (x2)

is it getting better?

wrote her a letter, asking questions
baby steps in sections…
i mean we’ll take it slow
i really don’t know
when you talk, you make me cringe
silver me to the messenger
let her go don’t question her


Текст и слова песни "Christiansands" принадлежат её авторам.
Исполнитель: Tricky

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