Текст песни: Biodegradable (Bones )

Tombstone flooded with diamonds up on my neck
Just to glisten, pour the mix shit, then I went and spent your rent
I’m a scumbag baby, should’ve never gave me money
We came in with no help, we don’t owe nobody
Split the earnings with my team, then we go and do another
Don’t ask me about no list, I don’t know nobody
Skinny white piece of shit, don’t you ever forget
Had cuts on my hands from aluminum cans
Had rust in my lungs from the dump I was in
Had dreams I convinced myself I’d never get
Now I’m the dream catcher, now life caught my attention
You still ignore the seconds, years thrown away for nothing
So now I gotta double up, fuck that shit I’ll triple up
I outdo what they have done, double lap and trip them up
I ain’t with the listen up, rather you not fuck with me
You and your music is a joke that’s never not funny to me
Thanks for the fucking laughs dickhead, fuckin pussy
Biodegradable bags, they all be fading so fast
One week you the hottest then the next they don’t know where you’re at
Like you disappear but you’re still here though
Still doing the same shit nobody care about
You broke rule number 1
Can’t find real treasure in a spot already dug

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Исполнитель: Bones

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