Текст песни: Ok well I guess that’s it then (Cimorelli )

You and me are broken glass and faded memories
Try to find a reason to make you stay
But you made up your mind

I’m always expecting so much more than you can give
And I’m always hoping that one day I’ll get the text
That I’ve been waiting for
Where you say
I miss you
I need you
I was wrong for letting you get away

But instead all that

I get is maybe we can be friends one day
You never say what I want you to say
It’s all meaningless
There’s so much space between us
And so nonchalantly after you make sure
I’m okay with you leaving this way

You said okay well I guess that’s it then
Okay well I guess that’s it then

All we are is a burnt out shooting star
We reached the end
You’re kissing my friend
I guess that’s it then

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Исполнитель: Cimorelli

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