Текст песни: What They Hittin’ Foe? (Ice Cube )

Fuckin’ around in a crap game,
Niggas think I’m soft ‘cause now I’m in the rap game,
And I don’t hang out as much, bang out dope cuts,
Standin’ on stage and I’m grabbin’ my nuts,
But when it comes to gettin’ in a circle,
I’m hittin’ sevens turnin’ broke niggas purple,
Lookin’ for Little Joe, and the dumb nigga scream and choke
When deuce-deuce hit the floor, yo!
Now which of ya wanna fade the twenty?
I’m turnin’ your fat pockets skinny,
Ah, yeah, I’m shakin’ the ivory,
And boom! It’s like they die for me.
Fool, you can get loud, get mad, hit the joint,
But don’t forget my point,
There it is, yo!
I put my Nike on the bet so it won’t slide,
Money gone ‘cause I’m never hittin’ deuce-five,
I’m never hittin’ four-trey, no way,
You wanna leave but come on, ho, stay!
Nigga fever that’ll work,
Poppa needs brand-new shoes and a sweatshirt,
Fool, you can’t even fuck with that,
And now that I’m winnin’ I gots to get my gat,‘
Cause I see your homies startin’ to look,
And broke mothafuckas they make the best crooks.
And I’m feelin’ like a baller,
Buckin’ fools, now the circles gettin’ smaller,
Now you wanna go and scheme,
Punk niggas like you just love to triple-team.
So I pick up my money and start walkin’‘
Cause now I let the gat start talkin’,
Now since y’all lost, you wanna go out like a sucka,
Take that, mothafuckas!

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Исполнитель: Ice Cube

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