Текст песни: Give It 2 U (Remix) (Robin Thicke )

[Intro: 2 Chainz (Robin Thicke)]
Okay, baby! (Yeah!)
All I gotta say, baby (Huh!)
That’s Robin Thicke, (Yeah!)
And I’m 2 Chainz, baby! (Baby, baby!)
Talk to me, (Yeah!)
Let me see that body language. (Baby, baby!)
I said talk to me,
Let me see that body language! (Hey, hey!)
[Verse 1: Robin Thicke]
Girl, give it to me,
Girl, you know what it do, girl, give it to me,
I got somethin’ brand new, girl, give it to me,
I’ll put it all on you, girl, give it to me.
Wooo! I got a gift for ya,
I got this for ya, a little Thicke for ya,
A big kiss for ya, I got a hit for ya,
Big dick for ya, let me give it to ya,
Baby, baby, I got a call for ya,
I got a whip for ya, black car for ya,
Ball hard for ya, I know you wanna get fancy,
I know you wanna start dancin’.
[Chorus: Robin Thicke]
Hey, girl…
You know you’re lookin’ so damn fine,
You’re lookin’ like you fell from the sky,
You know you make a grown man cry,
I wanna give it to you tonight
And make everything you fantasize come true, ooh baby!
I’ll make you so, so, so amazing,
I’ll give it to you,
Girl, give it to me. [x4]
[Verse 2: Robin Thicke]
Ooh! What’s that, girl?
What’s that, baby? I like that, girl,
I like that, baby, on your back, girl,
On your back, yeah, shake it like that, girl.
Baby, baby, I got an eye for ya,
Got an eye for ya, I got a smile for ya,
Cheese, let me put it on your face for ya,
Please, I got a taste for ya,
Tasty, I bought lace for ya,
Freaky, I’ll put it on ya,
Yeah, so I can come and take it off ya,
Yeah, and get off to ya.
[2 Chainz (Robin Thicke):]
True, yo! 2 Chainz!
Highly respected,
Black Michael Jackson.
When the DJ bring it back,
I pump it back like a chiropractor.
I’m at the main event,
Baby, you the main attraction.
What I need a script and a camera for?
Let’s put this thing in action!(Do it!) Let’s put this thing in action!(Do it!) Let’s put this thing in action!(Do it!) 2 Chainz!
All the things collapsin’!
Let’s put this thing in action!(Do it!) Let’s put this thing in action!(Do it!) 2 Chainz!
Gave your girl a chain reaction.
[Kendrick Lamar:]
Uh, you’re like a needle in a haystack,
Uh, I wanna sit you where my face at,
Uh, lunch with a few Mai Tais,
Uh, purple kisses on my tie,
Uh, life can leave a dick loved,
Uh, now you gettin’ this dick, love,
Uh, I’m lookin’ for you with a flashlight,
I wanna feel what a real fat ass like,
No injection, I learned my lesson.
I walk it like I talk it, baby, this pedestrian.
Runnin’ through your mind like Jackie Joyner,
Pussy like pop like “do!’ Go get me a burner.
Got shot like “do!” This can be detrimental.
T-shirt and panties, that’s your credential,
You’re cotton candy, I need a fistful,
I’m often antsy, hope that convince you.
[Chorus – x2]
[Outro: Robin Thicke]
I’ll give it back like that.
Give it to me, baby,
Give it to me, baby,
I’ll give it back just like that.

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Исполнитель: Robin Thicke

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