Текст песни: Torch of Reason (Wolf Down )

Taking the fight to a whole new level
Justice enforced for those without a voice
No longer will we sit and
Watch the weak suppressed
It’s time for change
Black masks and shattered glass
In the dead of the night
For this business of death
Retribution is near
We’re sending the guilty running in fear
Liberation of the enslaved
Vegan revolution — a way will be paved
Every heart deserves a beat, filled with life
No more apologies
Eyes open, we all have seen the truth
Seas of blood below their feet
Stench of death
From stacks of rotting flesh
Countless lives reduced to commodities
We will be heard
No compromise
Watch our resistance rise
Crushing your beliefs
A new world will rise
If we raise our voice
In defense of all sentient life
No negotiation
Uncompromised devotion
For total liberation
A torch of reason
Out of the cages and into our safe hands
Crashing the hammer allover their labs
What goes around comes back around
Another business of death
Tonight will burn to the ground
Liberation of the enslaved
Vegan revolution — a way will be paved
Choose your side

Текст и слова песни "Torch of Reason" принадлежат её авторам.
Исполнитель: Wolf Down

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