Текст песни: Secret Society (Utopia )

When we were young they would break our hearts You and I had to go undercover We knew in time we would be pulled apart We found a way we could hold on to each other Gave our souls to another world Sealed in blood with a sacred vow Now we’ve forgotten but beneath all this A part of you and me is still there now Go on and sing Go on and dance It’ll all come back if you just give it a chance Don’t you remember me? We had a secret society Refresh your memory We were the secret society I never see you in the waking world We make an effort to avoid each other But every night we penetrate the veil Where everybody acts like sister and brother You never speak the words in broad daylight They’re much too delicate and too naive But everybody’s been a witness sometime It doesn’t change it if you don’t believe So go on and sing Go on and dance Someday soon you’ll hear that little bell ring

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Исполнитель: Utopia

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