Текст песни: Welcome To My Revolution (Utopia )

There’s too much music, too much light These endless broadcasts into the night Petty seizures of money and drugs By some official or unauthorized thugs Now it’s gone, the whole world’s gone There’s the army at the front door, guerrillas in back Why do I always have to take up sides I had no plans to be conscripted today I am no use to them anyway So what the hell’s going on When they took my bed for the good of the state I had to rest my head and took to levitation Welcome to my revolution Every morning they confer with the press Just to point a few fingers Fix the blame for this mess The spokesmen waffle and the jerk-offs complain In a stream of rhetoric Piss themselves down the drain Then it’s time to go home Time to go home What will they say when it’s gone The whole world’s gone So they call a cease fire to bury the dead And just delay it for an hour or so Loose talk of cowards and leaders that lied What does it matter once we’re vaporized Say what the hell’s going on Then it got so bad I couldn’t breathe the air So I became my own church and begged for sanctuary Welcome to my revolution This is the dream that I have every night I wake up screaming to the left and the right Is this my vision of the end of the world The faces looked smoldered, the edges are curled Tell me what is the reason we can’t look at ourselves And realize everybody creates his own hell

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Исполнитель: Utopia

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