Текст песни: Orchid club (Blondie )

Ah ah ah adventure very near,
And then you vanish.
Rescue from invasion narrowly avoided.
Have to live with nature.
Hear a voice from a novel.

Love persuasion very near, and then you vanished.
Some say he’s too handsome,
Some say he’s unique.
Steel, the weave,
The night trick, aphrodisiac.
Ah oh ah the boy’s herb, vanilla, vanilla.
They say I’ll never find him
Or evidence left behind.
Flip a coin to decide it.
Is it now or never?
Have to live with nature.
I hear a voice from a novel.
Love persuasion.
Oh Orchidia.

Steel, the weave, the night trick.

Weave the tale you find.
Reappear in a vision.
My heart’s racing with the rhythm.
Even in the drum beat
Time will tell the story.

Orchidia. Orchidia. Orchidia. Orchidia.

Looking for an adventure.
Here today gone tomorrow.
Articles declaring
Evidence to follow.
Heart is pumping to the rhythm.
The story is repeated.

Orchidia. Orchidia. Orchidia. Orchidia.

Where are you, where are you, Orchidia?
Where are you, where are you, Orchidia?
Whoa ooh oh, where are ya, Orchidia?

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Исполнитель: Blondie

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