Текст песни: My presence (I'm fine )

Do you feel again? What did you take from me?
I think it’s not for you I think it’s… It is not for you

Pressing emptiness is not that will cease
More than you can breathe
Not that you wanted

Feel me, rising into your soul razing your mind
Hate me, hear me and die with me

Do you feel again? Just remnants of your soul
Now it’s time to show

So I am a piece of your mind

Take it all, all you let, all you make me to show
I’m with you not too long it’s not too hard to belong

You still pretend, you still dishappy
I see your eyes I see it’s empty
Angel went home

Still I hold you, raze you, waste you
Need to be with you, feel you, hear you,
Because I’m you

Текст и слова песни "My presence" принадлежат её авторам.
Исполнитель: I'm fine

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