Текст песни: Like earth is burning (I'm fine )

Feel like it’s burning
Seems like you chosen
Don’t wanna know it
As you can see it you don’t believe it still

Vision is forming
You’re starring above them
Trying to hold it
Seems like you feel
You’re staying away to see

Angel of your destiny is dying in your eyes
Look at the skies and you will see, there’s no way from the height
You’re taking off, you getting know this greatness
You don’t believe in existence of the emptiness

Your world is ruined like me, it’s broken down
Feel like earth is burning as you touching the ground

Never enough to fly

I am your idol and your foe I hate your life
The gloom is covering your eyes dissolving the height
In blind disarray your soul could not to die
You see I’m just like you but I don’t wanna fly

Easy to free from the pain touch it now my friend
Feel like earth is burning watch your life, watch the end…

Ты танцуешь на руинах своего разума со своей нелепой судьбой
Ты видишь дверь, открой её, открой и сделай шаг, последний шаг домой

Текст и слова песни "Like earth is burning" принадлежат её авторам.
Исполнитель: I'm fine

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