Текст песни: The Solid Black Beyond (Therion )

Chapter 5.
Scene 1.
The sound of rushing water accompanies the wind in the dark of night. Up a mountain trail, Seth comes running. He stops at the brink of an abyss. Doubt is haunting him. He calls upon Jesus for answers. For a moment, he senses a shape but is not able to convince himself. Everything appears to be an illusion. He throws himself out but is captured by an unseen force and is returned to the edge. A deep, majestic voice addresses Seth as his son and asks why he was worshiped the other, the evil and crucified one… The voice speaks of Seth as his only begotten son, and his equal, as his loved one of whom he does not ask of anything in return.
I am climbing and searching for the words of truth'cause I don't know what to say…
Where are you – the new tomorrow,deep in the maze of yesterday…?
My starless night may never come to fruit.
I will not kneel or plead forgiveness.
You turn away, gone from my heart.
So – why God, should you pity me my lordas I'm bound for darkness,you're not risen from your grave,the solid black beyond.
To go where light cannot,
Nazarene, that shall be my fate…
I am your father and you are my beloved son.
Why do you seek the other one?
The crucified one, he's not you.
Receive my power, I ask nothing in return.
My lord – I will open up the gate.
I'm the one and only now who can save us
I come in my father's name for peace…

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Исполнитель: Therion

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