Текст песни: Pledging Loyalty (Therion )

Chapter 11. Scene 2.
Then he enters the palace and is escorted directly to Seth himself. The mystic kneels and remarks that he has arrived from East Asia. He is said to be the son of the sun god Surya and a river nymph – he is also a Catholic bishop and possesses the ability to direct atmospheric electricity to become fire from heaven. Apollonius also notes that he has observed a swelling boredom among the people of the earth, who are in need of fresh entertainment and excitement. Apollonius therefore offers his whole person and his art to the Emperor's disposal. He then demonstrates his ability to bring forth thunder and lightning. Seth asks Apollonius to respectfully follow him. They are escorted out to the crowd outside the residence.
Born beneath the eastern sun, river nymph conceived me.
God Surya, hear thy son, as I call to greet thee.
Let me introduce myself – I am Apollonius.
Raise your people, raise them high.
Slowly they are falling into boredom.
Hear them cry, silently they're calling.
Caesar, I am here for thee, pledging you my loyalty.
I am Apollonius – insincere and devious.
Showing who I am!
Truly unbelievable! And so inconceivable!
Insincere and devious!
Join me, Apollonius, everyone will follow on our path when both of us reach a new tomorrow.
You and I will be as one –brothers on the human throne!

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Исполнитель: Therion

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