Текст песни: Ocean Wide (The Afters )

Look outside It’s already light and the stars ran away with the night Things we’re said, words that we’ll try forget, it’s so hard to admit I know we’ve made mistakes I see through all the tears but that’s what got us here [Chorus:] If love is an ocean wide We’ll swim in the tears we cry They’ll see us through to the other side We’re gonna make it When love is a raging sea You can hold on to me We’ll find a way tonight Love is an ocean wide I’ll stay right here It’s where I’ll always belong Tied with your arms Days like this, I wish the sun wouldn’t set I don’t want to forget What made us feel this way You see through all my fears And that’s what got us here [Chorus] Love is an ocean wide enough to forget Even when we think we can’t

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Исполнитель: The Afters

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