Текст песни: Heavy on my heart (Георгий Колдун )

(сл. G.
Kalpakidis,Г.Колдун, муз. Г.Колдун)

I don’t want to hear a sound
And see anything around
Since you went away I’ve stopped believing
My dreams are on the ground
Cause I forgot the count
Of the times you said that you would not be leaving

I’m gonna wait
I’m gonna wait here once again
For a little promise just to listen
To erase the line between us

You and me

It’s heavy on my heart without you near me
Don’t let me go, and don’t you walk away
From heaven all your love was sent to thrill me
Like a raging flame, like a raging flame

What am I to do..?
What am I to say..?
Holding on to everything behind me
Your pictures on the wall
The shadows of my fall
The memories have come along to find me

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Исполнитель: Георгий Колдун

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