Текст песни: Rise to War (Therion )

Chapter 25.
Scene 1.
Dawn. The word has been spread across Europe by Pope Peter and the entire USE now know what is going on. But as many have heeded the call to fight Antichrist, others don't care who the hand bringing the gift belongs to. Apollonius has secretly sent out some of his people to gather an army fighting for Emperor Seth who has brought them all rich lives and safe, solid societies. From one army totally outnumbered the day before, there are now two equal armies consisting of more or less every man and woman of USE of weapon-bearing age. Seth is stoking his guard of elite soldiers to lead the people's army that has just arrived. All respond with firm loyalty.
Rise to your Emperor! Rise to war!
Hail! [x4]
Fighting for the Emperor!
Face the end and dawn of time. Rise to war!
All rise to me!
Rise and unleash fury!
History shall tell our tale –new age to be.
Future will bring our name's supremacy!
Summon pride for us to givethe strong and freecourage and we shall liveeternally!
Rise to war – revelation soon will end with us.
The past and all therein shall come to dust!

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Исполнитель: Therion

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