Домой Тексты песен 44 Minutes

44 Minutes


It was a cool winter's morning
Somewhere shortly past 9:00 AM.
The armored car they wanted to heist Wasn't coming
So instead they went for the bank.
The fateful duo that sat
In the get-away car
Heavily sedated with thousands of round,
Armor piercing, fully automatic weapons
The bowls of wrath poured out on the ground.
Baptized in a firefight,
Hot blood running cold as ice,44 minutes of target practice,
All Hell's breaking loose.
Outgunned, watching "the force" Сome to a firefight With a pocketknife,
Getting schooled Until they shot Achilles' heel
And brought down the beast.
This was an accident waiting to happen,
It wasn't if it would happen, it was when
The city's people sabotaged themselves,
Calling their firepower an unneeded expense.
The two most violent men it seemed couldn't be stopped,
Standard police issue guns were just not enough,
But SWAT arrived and settled the fight
Between AK-47 and AR-15.


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