Текст песни: Blackmail the Universe (Megadeth )

This is breaking news
It appears air force one was shot down
Somewhere over the Middle East this morning
By a sleeper cell of rogue terrorists, Firing A stinger missile
The pilot and all passengers
Are unaccounted for
The presidents whereabouts Are presently unknown
And he is presumed missing
The vice president, secretary of state
And principles of the military Are assembling
Our nation stands at DEFCON 3
The greatest crisis, will someone come for me
I "red, white and blew it"
Unleashed revenge, my body is detained
How could anybody do this
Betrayal, I peel away the days
Medals are useless. Uncle Sam's forgotten me
I'm not important no one will ever come
I'll never be found, god get me out of this hell
Nuclear battlefields energised
Cold wars are heating up again
The tensions mounting
People lift up your fists In revenge
The stage is set
Who will be the first to blink?
We can't go to war
Remember that "
Vietnam thing"
Peace at any price
With a gun to your head, bang, bang
Weakness runs in your family
What runs in mine is death
This is your 5-minute warning
Burn all your classified documents
And if cooler heads Don't prevail
First strike from a political dead man
Appeasement only makes The aggressor more aggressive
He understands only one language, action
And he respects only one word, force
No sign of them stopping, No time For back channel communiques
We need all the help We can get, Air strikes and invasions
Retaliate, I say
The will of good men can not counter
The terrible strain of war
Blackmail the universe with the greatest of calamities
Awaken those sleeping giants in the dust of the ground
With their skin destroyed, Unjust to innocence
Lawful possessor of the worlds Last 24 hours
Terror and ugliness reveal what death really means
And in hatred you see men as they really are
If chosen over heaven, earth will have been for them
All along, only another Region of hell

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Исполнитель: Megadeth

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