Текст песни: Seeds of Time (Therion )

Chapter 26.
Scene 3b.
Johanna and Seth are dying next to each other. They behold the devastation around them and realize the extent of the destruction they have caused. Seth regrets letting vanity curse his mind when he had the opportunity to evolve into the greatest leader in history. Johanna also contemplates her actions. She compares the time before and after Seth and is forced to the realization that much was worse before – war, famine, etc.
For the first time in her life she questions the meaning behind submitting to a God just for the sake of principle. Attraction arises between Johanna and Seth. An utter tranquility is camping within them. Johanna takes the Emperor's hand as they both await their death.
Everything we held so close is lost.
A lonely world has long since gone to dust.
A weightless word, a rain of light,a silver tear will fall on fields of gold.
If you touch my hand (In the earth I dig) you'll seize the dark.(to feel you near).and reach the sadness (Your soil is black) of a woken heart.(but I no longer fear).
A place that we can call our home… [SETH & JOHANNA]…will rise within a star and lead us there.
You and me…
You and me –who are we?
Who is God?
War of man is over…
No one has the answersof who will keep and sow the seeds of time…

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Исполнитель: Therion

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