Текст песни: Deflowering the Maidenhead, Displeasuring the Goddess (Cradle of Filth )

Cracked mirrors scatter reflection
Beauty falls from her state of perfection
Good Grace has fled this dream
While the cat's away The rats will ravage
Despotic, necrotic fingers
Have lingered with rape's affection
Hoods face this global scene
As they stoop to prey Nature grows more savage
She shudders at our foetal, fatal touch
Heavenly her body reft and left amongst the dead
Once grateful seeds in her natal hutch
Our species breeds, deflowering the maidenhead
Religions caw epistles
Twisted laws extend their thistles
A crown to justify
Our place atop This hellbound carriage
This judgment has come from on high
Deforesters pray to the amplified sky
Stripped of her gowns
Temples ripped down
Her curses hearse now
This judgment has come from on high
Look to her spears with true fear in your eyes
Summoning the coven
The Four Horsemen, Eschaton
She the sumptuous Earth Deep scars were forced upon
Queen Catastrophia, seer Renewal grew to see
Humanity in ruins Sped to death on rotten knees
We freed the flames that came to haunt her
The greed that tore her elvish bodice
She was the storm that warmed to slaughter
Our selfish needs Displeasuring the Goddess
Plastering disasters
Faster pandemics appear
Anthropocentric pockets Last plagues are spreading near
Grand levelling with seven Tongues acerbic, whore-astride
As the oceans swell in venom At our slick black ecocide
This judgment has come from on high
Poisoners choke on the smoke-ridden sty
Forewarnings ignored Faith in a Lord
Life's blessings uncared for
This judgment has come from on high
Suffer this kiss as she whispers goodbye
What have we done?
And what have we become?
In this distance from Our Mother
From the gates of late Eden
Blinded, undone
Glowering into the sun
A world of mass congestion Smothered
In the waste of late Eden
And what of her?
Gaia, Cybele
Where is jewelled Ishtar
That shone forth like the stars?
Now maniacal, now maniacal She moves against us all
To destroy, recreate anew
To dance amok amidst annihilation
Extinction greets foul creatures left
Deflowering the maidenhead
Displeasuring the Goddess…

Текст и слова песни "Deflowering the Maidenhead, Displeasuring the Goddess" принадлежат её авторам.
Исполнитель: Cradle of Filth

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