Текст песни: Watts (Freddie Gibbs )

I’m a vampire! Woo!
[Big Time Watts:]
Hey, hello, well, I’ma tell you somethin’ ‘bout yo muthafuckin’ self, man! Fuck you, nigga, you, you left the family out! You got so much money, you just lookin’ out for every-muthafuckin’-body else! I’m livin’ in a muthafuckin’ basement! But we lost the house down there. Man, fuck you! You know what? You a sorry punk, a rapper ass pussy ass muthafucka! Come, come see me, come see me, bitch! You ah– you, you’re ah– you weak, you weak, you’re weak bitch! Now come see me, come see Big Time Watts, muthafucka! And then you left the family out. You had, you had money, you had money to get that muthafucka out the, the big house! But you a sorry muthafucka, man! I don’t really don’t wanna see you, man, cuz you know why? Cuz I might knock the fuck out you! You my nephew, man, but you know what? You’re a pain in the ass muthafucka! Got me livin’ in a muthafuckin’ basement now. Fuck yoself, go fuck yourself! And go fuck your friends, and whoever you is! Cuz you a bitch ass muthafucka! Man, I’m the man, the role in this bitch, fuck you, you punk! You’re a punk no good muthafucka, man! Freddie, I thought you was better than that man. You’re a weak muthafucka, man! Dude, you soft muthafucka, Freddie! You got money… your damn self! Man, fuck you, you bitch, I hate yo goddamn guts, dick! Don’t call me, don’t call my number no muthafuckin’ more! You bitch!

Текст и слова песни "Watts" принадлежат её авторам.
Исполнитель: Freddie Gibbs

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