Текст песни: I’m alive (Blind Guardian )

I run through the dark fields of the plains
Reach level 99
The pain cuts deep down through my veins
How will I break the ice
Welcome to my reality
Dream forever
Sunlight instead of neon light
How will it be
Welcome to my grave
And feel the dream is over
Nothing can stop me
I reach out for the top

Caught in an old cage
The system failed
Built up on lies
Now I see that I’m alone
In asylum’s cage
I’m left alone

I’m alive my friend
I can feel the shadows everywhere
I’m alive
I left the shadows far behind me
Another one is waiting in the dark

They say the system keeps

The last chance to survive
Caught in this labyrinth
Of walls and lots of lies
Then I began to understand
There’s more above than ice
To reach the top
I crept deep down
The answers given in the past
A senseless worth
In useless brains
Magic runes
Without a meaning
Besides the dark
There should be nothing left

Outside they say death is waiting
But it creeps down through the shaft
Finds pleasure in our helpless fear
Fills empty rooms
With morbid thought
They’ve locked the door
And hold the key
Sitting beside you when silent screams
Changing my mind and dreams
Oh, it’s never ending

I’m alive!!!

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Исполнитель: Blind Guardian

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