Текст песни: Stop it (Mountain Breeze )

Would you give me the chance
Make a little difference
I’m trying
I’m fighting
I’m giving all my best

You’re waiting
I’m wasting
Like you don’t care you pushed me away
This is my solo for today

Stop it, stop it
Don’t leave me alone
Whisper inside is saying stay strong
When all my desires
Fell into red fire

Water water
I’m thirsty
You’re right
Only your well can keep me alive

Complete me tonight
I can’t stand one more fight

I can see it
My clothes all over bleed
And I’m coming on my feet
Coming back to where you lead

That’s my solo
Taking one more
I believe I can play I can do it better
I fight tooth and nail it doesn’t matter

No more guessing
I’ve got my heat
I need your blessing
One last meet
Here is my confessing
Need you near
Last two words saying
Forgive me

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Исполнитель: Mountain Breeze

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