Домой Тексты песен Under the Gun

Under the Gun


[Verse 1]
Infidel can you hear
Would be strange delight
I need you to give your sympathy tonight
When you hear what I say
Deeds I’ve done
Realise I’ve never lost and never won
I’ve got a feeling that it’s never right
There was a reason but it’s out of sight
It’s going down somewhere tonight

Under the gun

[Verse 2]
Put death in my hand learn to fight
Who could care if it’s wrong or if it’s right
We got no choice Under command
We’re ordered to die or take this land
Stupid bastards and religious freaks

So safe in their castle keeps
They turn away as a mother weeps

Under the gun

[Verse 3]
When brave men fall
Under crimson skies
There’s a sadness reflected in a soldier’s
Tears will dry
For those I kill
Remember no more their names but
Someone will
The only way to be victorious
Screw the fools who think it’s glorious
Who gives a toss about the likes of us

Under the gun


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