Текст песни: The Bends (Earl Sweatshirt )

Bend, we don’t break, we not the bank,
We all we got,
Switch whips, relocate way outta state,
Bada bing, bada bam!
It’s the puppet master, all of the strings in my hand.
Peace to my mans, gotta go be with your fam more. (For real)
For real, I feel like the landlord,
My niggas came a long way from the Dickies and dirty Jan
Jack of all trades, was dealin’ niggas a handful.
Bend, we don’t break, we not the bank,
Got memories of your face,
The photo still on the mantle.
It’s real when you seal up letters with wax,
Shit changed, now the checks that we seein’ is handsome, real.
Mike Wi
LLy shit, we went gorilla, they really gave us the ransom,
You silly, we taxed ’em, bad blood,
Doing ’em dashes and pullin’ fast ones,
Seen your heart sore, got torn up in the past once.
Before a jawn, young god get the cash run,
Hard hungheads might starve in the end,
Young god get the cash ‘fore a jawn thump,
Pause wit’ your man, call Mos if you can, by God. (By God)
Bend, we don’t break, we not the bank,
Switch whips, relocate all the way out of state,
Tell my queens, «Keep mace!»
Keep faith, brother man,
They stable full of sheep, we stayin’ on the lam.
Game isn’t cheap.

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Исполнитель: Earl Sweatshirt

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