Текст песни: Red
Shift (ISON )

I’m shifting out of focus…(You were never there)
I’m losing sense of time…(Time is an illusion)
I’m becoming formless…(All matter breaks down)
I’m fading through the light…(The stars will disappear)
I’m losing all control…(You won’t control the universe)
And I’m losing sense of feeling…(Fear not, you will transcend)
I’m no longer breathing…(This is not the end…)
I call for you to save me
The atmosphere is shaking(You can’t outrun this fate
A universe changing state
You know it’s far too late
A shift you can’t escape)
Don’t call for me to save you
The atmosphere will take youwhole….
The shift you can’t escape
The universe changing state
All life erased as one
All we once were has comeundone…
This imminent collapse
The shift has just begun
This radiant explosion
It’s all coming undone
This beautiful destruction
The end of all in sight
To find a new beginning
We will destroy the light…

Текст и слова песни "Red
Shift" принадлежат её авторам.
Исполнитель: ISON

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