Текст песни: Panda in the Chandelier (Tom Rosenthal )

There’s a panda in the chandelier Oh what have we got here? what have we got here? Well I’ll tell you how it got up there This is a story of a young girls flair For throwing pandas It was her fathers friends wedding day And she was dragged along, as is the way, For the poor young ones. As the big people did their thing The panda bear she did swing Oh the panda bear
Flung through the air Well a serious man with a frown Came with a ladder and took it down, Aren’t ladders handy He had never seen this happen before Pandas normally stick to the floor Call it good timing And you got your panda back You got your panda back You got your panda back And your were happy about that

Текст и слова песни "Panda in the Chandelier" принадлежат её авторам.
Исполнитель: Tom Rosenthal

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