Текст песни: A Fool Grows Wise (Ink Spots, The )

Some early morning, a fool is born
A fool is born, but aren't we all?
And he believes his spoon is gold, And he believes he'll never grow tired or old
What a lovely world is before his eyes
But little by little, a fool grows wise
As time goes by, he learns to cry
He learns to cry, for don't we all?
One day his dreams get caught in the rain
One day he's taught the meaning of tears and pain
Soon he learns the loveliest lips tell lies
And little by little, a fool grows wise
Suppose he laughs at dreams and skies of blue
And captures all the world, sometimes fools do
What good is the world he calls his own?
What good is the world if he walks alone?
That's how he learns, for what he yearns
He yearns for love; for don't we all?
But love is not a frivolous want
And when he learns to love, love with all its' wants
Then he knows the meaning of compromise
Then little by little, a fool grows wise

Текст и слова песни "A Fool Grows Wise" принадлежат её авторам.
Исполнитель: Ink Spots, The

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