Домой Тексты песен Cockamamie business

Cockamamie business


Bust my back on the Levy
Broke my strings on the BBCFound the chops on Eel Pie Island
Paid my dues at the Marquee
Slagged off by the NMELost my stash and my virginity
In this cockamamie business
Got my face on Ed Sullivan
Broke my heart on the Soul Train
Introduced to Bad Company
Lost cells down at Brain Drain
And before I could mend
Lost the missus, missed the girlfriend
In this cockamamie business
Now we like to air condition
Though the air has no ozone ring
Still they’re chopping down the forest
For Mc
Donald’s and the Burger King
Eating cows with such persistence
Doesn’t offer much resistance
To this cockamamie business
There are too many things
Stressing out my nervous system
Girls you used to know
And fellas that may have kissed ’em
Some got rabies, some got fleas
Some got incurable diseases
From this cockamamie business
Now everybody’s after
As many points as they can get
As long as it’s not them that has to pay
No one really minds the Debt5-star actors, tax inspectors,
Film producers and directors
With their cockamamie business
Well you do what you can –
You can’t do much more than that(No you can’t do what he just said)
Some days you’re pretty sharp,
On other days you feel half dead(While you make your daily bread)
Didn’t want to be a star
Wanted just to play guitar
In this cockamamie business