Текст песни: Teeth (Casey )

I don’t need you like you think I do
I just want you here tonight,
I know this might sound crazy but my head it just don’t feel right.
I miss your bones buried beneath my sheets,
My voice shakes when I try to speak,
Your name is stitched into my teeth
And every time I talk I feel you there.

Every night the floorboards creak outside my bedroom door.
18 months of losing sleep
Because your host has been pacing in the halls.
I know they say time heals all wounds but when will it heal mine?

Cause I’m sick of waiting for you
To bring me back my peace of mind.

I still miss you like the moon misses the warm kiss of the sun
When the earth dances between them and steals away it’s love.
I asked how long you’d be gone
And you said «as long as it takes».
And I was always so impatient with our love,
But I swore I’d wait.

I’m tired of living in the fear that one day you’ll come back
And after all these years,
I won’t be able to look you in the face
And say «I’ve let you go».

Cause yours is the only love I’ve ever known.

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Исполнитель: Casey

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