Текст песни: The song of my life (Petula Clark )

Everyone has a song
That belongs to their life,
That will go on and on
Through the years of their life.
There’s a wonderful song
One that you brought to me,
And I look on this song
As my life’s symphony.
This is the song of my life,
It will go on through my life.
Something you said tenderly
Started its music for me.
It springs from things that we share.
Only through you is it there.
I walk along day and night
Singing the song of my life.
I can picture the past
That we knew yesterday:
Every tear, every laugh
Every step of the way.
I recall what was wrong,
And the things that were right,
And each moment belongs
To the song of my life.

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Исполнитель: Petula Clark

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